The Air Cutter

May 25, 2010

Time for a rather cool item. Or should I say upgrade. The Air Cutter is an upgrade for your sword. What it can do? Well…

The Air Cutter would basically be the modern version of Link being able to shoot “laser beams” from his sword when at full health. Only that it isn´t “laser beams”, nor is it limited to full health. To use the Air Cutter, you simply somehow activate it by pressing some button, and now with every sword slash you do, a visible, cutting air wave is sent out. The way you have to imagine that shouldn´t be too hard, as it´s quite the common imagery, used in a lot of anime. One more prominent, popular example would be Ichigo´s Getsuga Tenshou from Bleach.

The fun thing about the Air Cutter would be both its functional use for doing long range-fighting with a sword and its visual presentation. And depending on how you swing the sword with your MotionPlus-enabled wiimote, the air wave would fly in a different way.


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