Memorable music

May 26, 2010

This going to be a rather vague blog-entry, but I feel the need to mention it: Nintendo, have Zelda Wii feature a soundtrack as memorable and unique as Ocarina of Time´s!

Everyone knows the famous Zelda overworld-theme. It´s memorable and easy to whistle. But no other Zelda-game than Ocarina of Time had a soundtrack that was that perfect. Literally every melody was memorable. Proof being myself, who has no problem to remember every single one. To this day, I consider OoT the epitome of musical achievement in video games. Following Zelda-games grew weaker and weaker in terms of music. Majora´s Mask had some nice tracks, The Wind Waker had 2-3 nice tracks, and Twilight Princess´ soundtrack was completely forgettable. Not saying that its music wasn´t good while playing, but I honestly can´t remember a single melody.

The other thing I´d like to see for Zelda Wii is a theme-song. Yeah, as mentioned above, there is the famous overworld-theme, but I´m talking about a theme for that specific Zelda-game. A song that makes you remember THAT Zelda-game. A song that´s firmly tied to this game. Break free from using old songs over and over again, Nintendo. Sure, I love it when I hear a known melody, and I want that, too. But for the important scenes and tracks, let it be something knew. Prove, that you still have “it”, Kondo-san.


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