Beautiful Water

May 28, 2010

When people mention “water” and “Zelda” in one and the same context, some fans are thinking back in horror to The Wind Waker. But water-areas can be done right.

There´s no need for another Waterworld-Zelda like TWW, but beautiful lakes or a coast are always beautiful places. With both Endless Ocean and Monster Hunter Tri featuring gorgeous underwater-life, I´m really looking forward to what Zelda Wii can add here. Twilight Princess´ swimming-controls felt very clumsy and unresponsive, so there´s hope that Zelda Wii succeeds in making swimming and diving more fluid and smoother.

What I also really hope for are some places with shallow water. Remember the first Twilight Princess-trailer? We saw a river that was shallow enough to walk/ride through it. I want that. And I want the water to realistically splash when I run through it or when I throw something into it. I want big boss-battles  with monsters that slam their tail into the shallow water, causing an enormous water fountain. There´s two things to improve upon or not to do: Do not simply remove underwater-areas like TWW; and make it feel alive and meaningful, unlike TP. Water can be such a beautiful part of a game, and there´s no reason for Zelda Wii not to have it.


One Response to “Beautiful Water”

  1. I agree completely. In TP I swam down to the bottom of Lake Hylia to see what was there, but all they had was a sandy bottom. It would be interesting to see sea weed and water animals and other beautiful environments.
    I liked the Fishing Hole in TP, though. It had seasons, giving reason for seasonal fish, and in the summer lily pads would grow, with frogs on them getting eaten by fish. There was even some ducks on the water, too.
    So, yes, definitely more beautiful water.

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