A story involving time-travel

May 29, 2010

Okay, I got this idea from these recent, ridiculous “leaks” about Zelda Wii. Also, it kind of overlaps with one of the earlier updates in this blog. But there´s so much that could be done by featuring time-travel…again.

In Ocarina of Time, time-travel was a fairly simple, but, at that time, revolutionary feature. Seven years to, seven years from the future. Another use of time-travel would have to introduce some more, complex layers to it. The most incredible idea I can think of is seamless time-travel. I have no idea if that was technically possible on the Wii, but imagine being able to…fast-forward and fast-rewind into and from the future – without some kind of loading screen. Or keep the loading screen but let the player choose whatever date he wants to go to. No limitation to just two time-dates, also no limitation to a couple of time-dates like in Chrono Trigger, but a complete, limitless choice of dates.

This, obviously, would be a great chance to create some more than awesome scenes…like meeting other, former heroes (Links). Imagine going back in time and seeing the OoT-Link. Maybe even engaging in helping him (uh, paradoxon!). And that´s just one cool example. Time-travel has a lot of interesting ideas that come with it, and I wouldn´t be unhappy about its return. And…one has to admit that the Zelda-series has a thing for time-related gameplay features. A link to the Past had that one sidequest where you had to time-travel to dig out a certain item. OoT…well. Majora´s Mask had you travel in time for three days, as well as focusing the whole game on time. The Wind Waker had the frozen Hyrule castle that suddenly awoke to live. Twilight Princess is the only oddball, but at least it heavily referenced OoT. So, really, the 3D-Zelda games have a certain affinity for time-related stuff. We´ll see how that turns out.


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