May 30, 2010

I already mentioned having the Invisibility Cloak from A link to the past, but that´s just a 100%-way of hiding yourself. Stealth should be part of the normal gameplay, too.

What I´m talking about is that enemies don´t automatically spot you once you´re close enough, even when they weren´t facing you. I want to sneak by them or do surprise attacks. But have some complexity to it: I also want to be able to hide again AFTER I have been spotted. So, let´s assume an enemy saw me, so I jump into high grass and crouch. Now I slowly walk within the grass, while crouching, away from where the enemy saw me last. And he will not automatically spot me or keep track of me. Think of the game Mini Ninjas. As I wrote in that other article, stealth-elements allow for a great deal of more gameplay-options and creating freedom. And they´re fun.


6 Responses to “Stealth-gameplay”

  1. So true. I LOVED the Wind Waker stealth part at Forsaken Fortress. It would be fun to have more stealth in Zelda games!

    • mfauli said

      I actually hated the forsaken fortress 😀 But that´s because stealth was mandatory there, and if an enemy spotted you, you had to restart THE WHOLE scene from beginning. Bad design imo. But stealth per se would be a great addition to Zelda´s gameplay.

  2. Sam said

    Forsaken Fortress was truly a love-hate relationship for me for the same reasons. Stealth was fun, but I wished I had more control of what was happening, too. It would be great if some of the enemies had stealth also (tellin’ yah, Sheikah).

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