The Magic Training Ground

May 31, 2010

Haha, okay, think of this as a mobile, accessible at all times, place where Link aka the player can try out all of his abilities and items.

I have no idea how to visually present it. Maybe it´d look like those challenge-levels in Super Mario Sunshine, with quiet, moody sounds. It´d be a very artificially looking place, full of environments that let you make use of your items. In an advanced concept of that idea, you´d even be able to summon certain enemies as means of your training. Maybe a good comparison would be Super Smash Bros.´ target-test, where all your skills are required without actually playing the game´s main mode. So, it´d be much more than a tutorial. It´d be a place to train and to instantly access fun fighting or moving around, because, after all, you don´t have these things at your hand all the time while following the story.


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