Different vision

June 1, 2010

I´m a big fan of changing vision, meaning, whenever your character´s vision changes, the on-screen visuals change as well.

Examples for that would be the Metroid Prime-games and items like the thermal visor or echo visor. Or for an in-series example, the wolf-vision from Twilight Princess or the Lense of Truth from Ocarina of Time. I´d like to see more stuff like that, preferably for optional use. These different visions could be the result of wearing a mask, a certain armor or maybe magic rings, to introduce a new kind of equipment. There could be all kinds of crazy visions, like “animal vision”, letting you talk to animals, while making it impossible for you to understand Hylian citizens anymore. Maybe animals´ appearance would change, too, looking more like real characters, while suddenly human beings all look kind of similar and creepy. And there could be typical vision-changing stuff like night vision. Play with the player´s mind, that´s what I want.


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