Princess Zelda being more present

June 3, 2010

I definitely do NOT want to play as the princess herself, to make that clear. However, the title-giving princess should be of greater presence in Zelda Wii.

In Ocarina of Time, we saw Zelda as a child twice, and then at the very end of the game. In Twilight Princess, pretty much the same. I have no idea what role Zelda should play. Maybe they could change her character a bit more towards her Tetra-attitude (The Wind Waker) and have her be a happy girl that, at times, walks around in town. Or that, at least, can be visited at the castle at any given time. No hiding, no secrecy. I´d like to see some deeper conversation between her and my character. After all, they´re both part of the eternal Triforce-circle. But whatever, just give us more Zelda in Zelda.


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