June 4, 2010

Rings or not, that´s actually not that important. What is important is that I think there should be more ways to equip Link. I already had one update where I wrote about instead of finding heart pieces, you´d find new armor-parts. That´s something completely else, though.

Invisibility? Maybe

Rings would be specialized items with certain unique characteristics. These rings would enable you with mostly passive skills. Look at the update below, the Dark Caves. Using the lantern would empty its oil rather quickly. Instead, you could have a ring that emits a weak, glowing, white light from Link´s finger. Not enough to lighten a room, but to grant him a few meters of sight. Now, don´t think this would turn Zelda into a WRPG-heavy game. Think of the rings more like the masks from Majora´s Mask. There wouldn´t be any “+2 power” or “+5 speed” rings. Every ring would feature a unique, passive ability.

And because Link has more than one finger, let´s say he could equip two rings at the same time, one on each hand. Not only does that allow for even more individualizing, it could also result in certain positive, or negative, combination skills.


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