I definitely do NOT want to play as the princess herself, to make that clear. However, the title-giving princess should be of greater presence in Zelda Wii.

In Ocarina of Time, we saw Zelda as a child twice, and then at the very end of the game. In Twilight Princess, pretty much the same. I have no idea what role Zelda should play. Maybe they could change her character a bit more towards her Tetra-attitude (The Wind Waker) and have her be a happy girl that, at times, walks around in town. Or that, at least, can be visited at the castle at any given time. No hiding, no secrecy. I´d like to see some deeper conversation between her and my character. After all, they´re both part of the eternal Triforce-circle. But whatever, just give us more Zelda in Zelda.


Hand-to-Hand Combat

June 3, 2010

In every Zelda-game, Link eventually grows into a mighty knight, being able to make use of a ton of specialized items. Yet, take away these items and he´s defenseless. There, introduce hand-to-hand combat, Nintendo.


Of course, I´m not talking about in-depth fighting mechanics as if it was a beat’em up. But Link should be able to do so-me-th-ing, even without any items. Just as minimum means of defense against enemies. And if that´s really not enough, then simply introduce an item called “Power Gloves”, gloves that make Link´s punches powerful enough to turn his hand-to-hand combat into something useful.

Individual Lock-On

June 2, 2010

Ocarina of Time´s revolutionary lock-on system changed the whole video games industry. It´s time for an advance form of it.

It certainly is not a must, just some idea, but it´d utilize the wiimote´s pointer-function. Instead of just pressing the shoulder-button to lock-on an enemy, you point at an enemy and then lock on to him. But not just on the enemy in general, but on to the very part you pointed towards. That way you could target special parts of any enemy, for whatever reason – instead of having one general lock-on that simplifies any battle. Maybe it´s part of finding the enemy´s weak spot, maybe you can cut off/hurt an enemy´s arms/legs, stuff like that.

The Look-Out

June 2, 2010

High up places are almost always stunning sights. Looking at all the land to your feet.

A rather humble look-out

Ocarina of Time had the cliffhanger-jumps in the Zora realm and at the Gerudo bridge. But I´m talking about a real look-out, somewhere high above everything. If that´s a place in the mountains, a tower in the middle of nowhere, or on top of a floating island, doesn´t matter. I wouldn´t be wrong to have multiple, different look-outs, too. Just let me climb those places, and give me the satisfaction of taking a breath-taking look over the world. And maybe let me jump down, haha.

Different vision

June 1, 2010

I´m a big fan of changing vision, meaning, whenever your character´s vision changes, the on-screen visuals change as well.

Examples for that would be the Metroid Prime-games and items like the thermal visor or echo visor. Or for an in-series example, the wolf-vision from Twilight Princess or the Lense of Truth from Ocarina of Time. I´d like to see more stuff like that, preferably for optional use. These different visions could be the result of wearing a mask, a certain armor or maybe magic rings, to introduce a new kind of equipment. There could be all kinds of crazy visions, like “animal vision”, letting you talk to animals, while making it impossible for you to understand Hylian citizens anymore. Maybe animals´ appearance would change, too, looking more like real characters, while suddenly human beings all look kind of similar and creepy. And there could be typical vision-changing stuff like night vision. Play with the player´s mind, that´s what I want.

One of the big complaints about Twilight Princess was how none of the world of Hyrule´s citizens seemed to care about what was going on. That´s something that mustn´t happen again.

Ocarina of did this best, even if it was rather simple. Seven years pass, and the world HAS reacted to its turn for the worse. Hylian citizens fled to Kakariko, the farm was overtaken by that terrible guy, and Hyrule city was now ruled by zombies. The Zora-realm was frozen, the Gorons lived in fear of Volvagia and even Kokiri forest wasn´t save anymore. You really could feel and see the changes. The same has to happen in Zelda Wii, though it´d be nice if it could be done more smoothly, meaning, stuff happens, people start to wonder, more stuff happens, some people wonder more than others, until finally obvious stuff happens and people realize what´s going on. Whatever, just make sure the story that is most times about saving the world is not exclusive to Link only.