Magnetic Gloves

May 7, 2010

If I remember correctly, there already were magnetic gloves in Oracle of Seasons. Not sure, though. I´d like to improve that concept.

When you have Magnetic Gloves, what is it that makes them special? Well, the interaction with all kinds of metal. So, without writing a whole lot about it, let´s just say you could active far away levers, as well as toy around with armor-wearing enemies. Simply play around with a lot of stuff like having telekinesis. Now, on the combat-side of things, there´s an idea that I find most interesting personally. It is combining the magnetic gloves with the sword. By doing this, Link could throw his sword, then regather it afterwards by using the magnetic force of the gloves. Sure, throwing the sword could be done juse like that, and in most games it would appear in your character´s hand automatically. But by introducing this moves like that, Zelda Wii would keep an inner logic, a believability, something that´s important for any game that attempts to immerse the player. So, yeah, I´m looking forward to throwing around the Master Sword.


The Giant Shield

May 2, 2010

We know the wooden shield, the Hylian shield, and the mirror shield. All of these shield-variants are good for fights versus smaller enemy foes. But it´s hardly suitable for fighting giant monsters.

The futuristic version of the Giant Shield

The Giant Shield is basically an absurdly big shield. Link would need power gloves or something like that to be able to even hold the sword when activated. Or maybe it´s made of magic energy. Who knows. The purpose of the Giant Shield would be two: For one, you could use it to defend against powerful attacks. For two, it´d be like a mobile obstacle that you could for getting something in-between yourself and an enemy, or maybe for loosening up a scene where many enemies are attacking you at the same time.


April 27, 2010

Of course, the concept of laying out traps on the ground needs more natural enemy behavior in general, but hey, that´s exactly what the Zelda-series needs.

Trap it!

Fighting enemies fair and square is awesome and honest. But sometimes it results in very silly, “gamey” design-choices, where an enemy, even though he could kill you just by stepping on you, won´t do so because of how the game is designed. Take a hint from Monster Hunter 3, Zelda Wii. A trap would be wasted on a small fodder-enemy, but on bigger knights as well as giant dragon-type enemies, it´d work wonders. And give the gameplay a whole different, deeper layer of actions. Though, do not forget: This has to stay optional. The moment you´re forced to use a trap on an enemy to defeat him, it stops being a feature, and starts being a gimmick.

Spy Toys

April 22, 2010

Spy Toys would be items that let the player control small animal-like looking machines that Link would used for gaining intel about a room he´d rather not enter by brute force or for checking out closed off rooms.

You have to imagine that to work like the sea gulls in The Wind Waker. Only with less trouble. You´d basically be able to buy a small robot-chicken, put one out of your spy toy-bag, and as soon as you let go of it, you´ll be in control of the robot-chicken. You´d be able to run around, make chicken-sounds and hover for short distances. There could be upgrades for functions like a remote bomb, so the spy toy would also be a substitute for the Bombchu. Now think of unlocking several different kinds of robot-animals, and you have an idea of how much fun these new items would be.

Collectibles: Books

April 20, 2010

Don´t confuse this with the Adventurer´s Diary I already talked about.

These books are items scattered all over the world of Zelda Wii. They´re basically the log-files that you can scan in the Metroid Prime-games. There have always been book shelves in Zelda-games, some even playing an important role. These books would work as one category of collectible items. Each book features a certain content;  talking about the world of Hyrule, explaining enemy secrets, or hinting at something that´ll become important in the future story.

The Hammer (and nails)

April 17, 2010

The hammer is another classic Zelda-item. It´s basically used to destroy specially marked blocks that are in the player´s way. I believe it´s an item worth an upgrade.

A hammer, by usual definition, is a tool to build something. In the Zelda-series, its only means are destruction. Let´s use both of those abilities. The hammer could still be used to fight enemies and destroy stuff in the environment, but it could also be used to create stuff. By adding nails as a support-item for the hammer, similar to the bow and its arrows, a totally new gameplay element could be introduced that, in the end, would expand the series´ open world-character and sense for freedom and exploration.

Imagine you´re inside a dark cavern. In front of you is a wide abyss. Nothing to use your hookshot on the other side. But there´s  bunch of wood bars lying around. What do you do? Take out the hammer, arrange the wood your preferred way and start putting them together by hammering nails into them. Afterwards, you have built yourself a long piece of wood that you place above the abyss…and carefully walk over it to the other side. Et voila! Also imagine building yourself a fixated ladder. Just put of the hammer, get a nail into position by moving the nunchuck, then hammer by using the MotionPlus-enabled wiimote. And this mechanic could also be used for sidequests, putting up posters in the town, reparing broken doors, and so on.

It was shown as a major feature of The Wind Waker: You could grab the weapon your defeated opponent left lying on the ground. The problem: You could never carry such a weapon to the next room.

There´s one fear I can understand that speaks against this kind of feature: Pickung up “random” weapons would turn Zelda into some kind of Diablo 2 light, some game where you keep collecting weapons that do nothing else than being stronger, a concept not typical for the Zelda-series. But I actually think this would be nothing but a natural evolution of Ocarina of Time´s Biggoron sword. In that game, you could buy the non-perfect Biggoron sword and it would break after 200 hits. The same idea could be used for Zelda Wii. Pick up an enemy´s weapon and keep it inside the “enemy item”-bag. You can only ever carry one enemy-item, so there´s no overload of “random” items.

There aren´t that many different weapon-using enemies in Zelda-games, anyway, so you would see no more than 10 different weapons over the course of the game, if at all. Also, the Master Sword wouldn´t be degraded in any way, as it would 1.) be the allrounder and 2.) be the only unbreakable sword. So, you could pick up a long-sword, dual wielding swords or an axe, but at the end of the day, the Master Sword would remain the best overall-option. It´s just for fun…and for experienced players. And who knows, maybe there could be an extremely tough sidequest that grants you unbreakable enemy weapons…


April 13, 2010

I want them both as functional AND visual items.

The masks in Ocarina of Time were great, the masks in Majora´s Mask were even better. I wouldn´t want Zelda Wii to put emphasis on masks in the sense of building the game around them, but there could easily be a sidequest that involves masks. That could be really hard, and/or secret sidequests, where you have to do really weird stuff to get a mask. These masks could then range from giving you very cool, weird abilities (like dancing) to just being an accessory for Link to wear.

Okay, that´s a rather bold idea, but let´s get it out there: Instead of collecting abstract heart pieces, that come together as a heart container, you´re looking for new pieces of armor.

The idea is that there´s lots of different armor-pieces that have different attributes. Nothing to deep, so to not turn Zelda into a WRPG, but nonetheless a more non-linear option of customizing “your Link”. There could be a small number of basic attributes, like dealing damage, taking damage and speed. And instead of changing your armor all the time, new pieces of armer stack onto the ones you got previously, so there wouldn´t be any “selling worse armor” kind of stuff. You could build yourself an all-round Link who wears a single piece of every kind of armor, or your could equip Link with only “taking damage”-armor, so enemy attacks have less impact upon him. Instead of a heart-bar at the top of the screen, you´d have an armor-bar. All in all, this would be turn towards more realism within the context of the franchise AND it´d be more fun to individualize your Link.

The Bow and Arrow are standard-items to the series. No one can imagine a Zelda-game without this key-item. For Zelda Wii, I´d like to see a bit of a variation to the traditional item.

Charge an arrow, aim, shoot it. That´s how your typical Zelda-bow was used in the past. To defeat far away enemies or hit switches at ceilings. If we add a rope to the equation, the bow´s usefullness is raised by one more field. Imagine you walk along a path, and suddenly, an abyss in front of you. No way to get to the other side. No way? You bring out your bow, charge an arrow, aim at a tree on the other side of the abyss, and shoot. AND you attached a rope to the arrow, so now, after having hit the tree, you have a rope spanning over the obstacle. To grab it and climb to the other side.

Now imagine that you could use that on basically every surface, and you get an idea of how great that´d be. Climb over abysses, climb UP walls, and so on. You build your own paths where otherwise no path exists.

But, realistically, even if that was used for Zelda Wii, it´s highly likely that there´d be an ingame-explanation that said something like “you can only use the arrow-rope on surfaces that are firm enough to keep the arrow in place with Link´s weight pulling on it“. It´d be still a nice gameplay-addition.