Individual Lock-On

June 2, 2010

Ocarina of Time´s revolutionary lock-on system changed the whole video games industry. It´s time for an advance form of it.

It certainly is not a must, just some idea, but it´d utilize the wiimote´s pointer-function. Instead of just pressing the shoulder-button to lock-on an enemy, you point at an enemy and then lock on to him. But not just on the enemy in general, but on to the very part you pointed towards. That way you could target special parts of any enemy, for whatever reason – instead of having one general lock-on that simplifies any battle. Maybe it´s part of finding the enemy´s weak spot, maybe you can cut off/hurt an enemy´s arms/legs, stuff like that.


Leaving marks

May 31, 2010

It is probably not possible with the Wii´s current hardware, but I´ll post it anyway: The ability to leave scratch marks anywhere in the world.

What that means is that you take out your sword, approach a house wall or tree or whatever surface, and scratch something into it. Why leave such marks? It´d be both a fun feature to mess around with, as well as what the Nintendo DS-Zelda games already did, noting something that you need for later. The most simple example would be: You´re inside a dark, confusing labyrinth. You have no idea which way to go. What do you do? Well, scratch signs into the wall, showing yourself where you have already been. That way you could work your way out of the labyrinth. At the end of the game, you could look back at a game, completely individualized by your marks.

Whenever I play competitive games, I´ll reach a point where I think to myself “uh, it sucks that anyone can be as good as you”, due to gameplay mechanics being not complex enough to allow for a lot of individual play style. With MotionPlus and Zelda Wii, I can imagine an approach to that problem.

Just so you know, this really would be for skilled players only. I´m thinking of special-moves that require real-life skills to make use of them. As we all know, MotionPlus is all about enhancing immersion, putting the player himself into the game by imitating his real movements. So, I thought of a cool special-move that would be just as cool in-game as it would be in real-life in front of the TV.

You´re standing in front of an enemy. You unsheathed your sword. And now…you´ll do the following; Throw the wiimote upwards in the air, so that it quickly spins around. Just as the wiimote comes back falling down, you catch it, and HEAVILY strike it further down. Ingame, Link throws up his sword, catches it, and strikes down on an enemy with a hella lot of extra power. That´d be one advanced special-move. What makes it special compared to usual “special”-moves is that it´d take actual skill to pull it off. In the vein of my example, a lot of such special-moves could be included in the game. One hundred percent optional moves that reward enthusiastic players – and at the same time bring motion controls to a new level.

The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess introduced special moves to the Zelda-series. Do the correct button-combination and Link will perform an otherwise unavailable move. I don´t want that.

To me, the Zelda-series always had the best combat-system of all video games. No fancy special moves, nothing over the top. Just you, your sword and your shield. Slash horizontally, vertically, stab, and a desperate spin attack. Adding the jump-attack, and you have the wonderful combat of the Zelda-series. Now, with MotionPlus added, any kind of special moves would be even worse – on one hand, you can control the sword 1:1, move it like you want, on the other hand, there´s preset special moves that work like short cutscenes, moves, that you cannot actively control. Link was always an ordinary boy, never a war-hero. Reflect that with an appropriate combat style.