Legend of Zelda Wii

June 9, 2010

So that´s it, fellow Zelda-fans.

For the course of almost four months, I updated this blog on a daily basis with new ideas/expectations/wishes for the new Zelda Wii. It is now only six days until we´ll finally find out about the real thing.

It was great fun to bring to paper all these ideas and I´m excited to find out how many of my blog entries are going to be true. Probably almost none, but that wouldn´t necessarily disappoint me. There´s so many options you have when developing a Zelda-game, so even if Nintendo decided to do something completely different, it could be a great game, too. That´s not to say that I´m really looking forward to compare reality with the fiction of this blog.

I hope you also had some fun in reading about what one Zelda-fan had in mind. But now let´s wait for the only thing that really matters: The Legend of Zelda Wii.

Thanks for reading,

sincerely yours,