The floating block(s)

June 6, 2010

Admittedly, many of my ideas for Zelda Wii relate to one aspect that´s really most important to me: freedom. It´s no different with the floating block.

A floating block - though, proportions are off in that example, looking at the the tiny princess

This item is kind of inspired by Cloud Mario from Super Mario Galaxy 2. If you don´t know, let me explain: When you transform into Cloud Mario, you have three small clouds following you. You can now active a cloud inmidst of the air to create a whole new platform to stand on. That´s kind of what I want from the floating blocks here.

But this is Zelda, so the whole feature would feel more solid. Here, the floating block would be an item that you can throw around freely, using your own movement thanks to MotionPlus. Let´s assume the floating block would be a small block made of hard rock. So, you pick it, throw it up, and when you think it is in the right spot, you press a button and the block stops falling…and starts floating. Now, there´s two ways to interact with the floating block. You could either put it up in the air right in front of yourself to simply climb on it. You could, however, also throw it high in the sky and…use the hookshot to pull yourself upwards. That way you could basically reach higher areas inmidst of a field with nothing else in it. And just to make this one of the most awesome items ever, you could upgrade it to dual blocks later in the game, allowing for aerial free-climbing. Simply throw up one block, pull yourself upwards, then from your raised position throw up the other block, pull yourself upwards again. Now let go of the first block and throw that one up again, and so on. There would be no more vertical limits. Exploration in perfection. And all that thanks to simple blocks.