The Dark Caves

June 4, 2010

This idea actually stems from one of my more lively dreams at night. The Dark Caves, an eerie place.

The idea behind these dark caves is that the surroundings are supposed to be pitch black. You won´t see a single thing if you don´t have some item. Be that a lantern, a glowing ring, or whatever. Also part of these caves is that they´re supposed to be extremely vast and populated by enemies. But not just any enemies, but ones that you cannot fight against. Or rather, you can, but you can hardly defend yourself against them, much less succeed in killing them.

This place is supposed to be a nightmare-like experience. It´s a mixture of aimlessly running-around in the dark and stealth-elements, hiding whenever you hear or see a glimpse of “something” approaching. The enemies you´ll find down there are like sub-bosses, and they´re all of different, nightmare-worthy design. Think of some of the more creepy designs from the Ghostbusters cartoon-show. Giant centipedes with human heads, gargantuan monster-warriors and so on.

Your ultimate goal while inside the dark caves is to survive. It probably would have to be connected to the story somehow, but you´re not really supposed to find a certain, defined spot. The aimless wandering is part of the experience. But it´s not a randomly generated labyrinth. If at some point in the game you´re confident and well-equipped enough, you could try to find out what that area looks like. Finding vast cave lakes, waterfalls, skeletons of former adventurers and so on. The Dark Caves definitely are not an area you want to visit, but not because of bad game design, but out of pure fear.