I normally wouldn´t talk about something that´s mostly related to visuals only, if it wasn´t for another Wii-game that was released this year in Europe. I´m talking about Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

If anyone has not played that game yet, I highly recommend it. Believe me, if I could finish that game, it´s not too scary for anyone (even though it IS scary :D). Anyways, this game proved of what gorgeous lighting effects the Wii-hardware is capable of. And this is not simply about good looks, it´s about creating a rich, moody atmosphere. The way objects project their shadows in this game was perfect, and the way the light of your flashlight brought light to your surroundings felt incredibly realistic and lively.

Past Zelda-games attempted to create moody scenes as well, but never to the extent of what Shattered Memories did. And be it the Dark Caves mentioned below on this blog, or some old haunted house, or some ruins, or, or, or – making use of such great lighting would put Zelda Wii on a whole new level of immersion and atmosphere.


One of the big complaints about Twilight Princess was how none of the world of Hyrule´s citizens seemed to care about what was going on. That´s something that mustn´t happen again.

Ocarina of did this best, even if it was rather simple. Seven years pass, and the world HAS reacted to its turn for the worse. Hylian citizens fled to Kakariko, the farm was overtaken by that terrible guy, and Hyrule city was now ruled by zombies. The Zora-realm was frozen, the Gorons lived in fear of Volvagia and even Kokiri forest wasn´t save anymore. You really could feel and see the changes. The same has to happen in Zelda Wii, though it´d be nice if it could be done more smoothly, meaning, stuff happens, people start to wonder, more stuff happens, some people wonder more than others, until finally obvious stuff happens and people realize what´s going on. Whatever, just make sure the story that is most times about saving the world is not exclusive to Link only.