Elite Villains

June 5, 2010

I guess I´ll have to apologize right now for such a profane idea, but it is something I had in mind for a very long time. That is, a Zelda-game featuring a group of elite villains.

When talking about elite villains, I mean a group of enemies that isn´t your typical dungeon-boss. Rather, they´d be a real danger to Link. Think of them as a group of slightly less powerful Ganons. I always loved the idea of there being such a group of maybe seven elite villains that hold meetings at some secret place from time to time, getting new orders from their mastermind Ganon. And every single one of these enemies would have a greatly developed character, not just some shallow “I´m evil, I fight that Link-guy!”-attitude. In a perfect world, those seven enemies would be of completely different nature. One silent, but competent sword-fighter, one a cheery girl, another one an energetic loud-mouth, then another girl that´s rather shy. Also, one crazy, mad guy that uses weird magic attacks. Then there´d be one reasonable, charming guy, and, of course, the monster-like guy that is most powerful and gruesome. Yeah, super-cliché, but I like the idea of watching their meetings in cutscenes, how they work together with Ganon, and how the enemies you fight are more than just brainless, unknown, shallow monsters.