June 8, 2010

Something many Zelda-games had, but never built upon it. Emotions.

Examples of emotions in past Zelda-games are Link´s departure from Kokiri village in Ocarina of Time, the Anju/Kafei-quest in Majora´s Mask or Link leaving his grandma in The Wind Waker. Also saying goodbye to Midna in Twilight Princess. However, all these emotions are too rare and too constructed. They are cutscenes showing you something that the game designers expect you to feel for. But what´s with real emotions that have been built up slowly over the course of the game?

The most simply way to create such emotions would be by having some companion that you really grow to like over time and then dies at some later point. There´s a myriad of different emotions, though. I´m imagining some desperate situation, where everything around you is showing you how futile any resistance is, yet the music and your own will to succeed keep building real emotions, created by the flow of the game instead of some passive cutscene. Or a scene where you observe a really good guy that sacrifices himself. Something like that. Just something…that makes the player care about the characters he meets. Again, Ocarina of Time is probably the best example of a Zelda-game creating real emotions, with Link´s Awaking on a close second place. This is where games can prove that they´re more than just movies when it comes to emotions.