I mentioned before that I really hope for giant monsters in Zelda Wii. Monsters that are really tough, that you can climb onto and so on. What I´d also like to see, though, is a little bit of badass-ery.

Fighting like a giant - but without becoming one

Imagine some kind of 50 meter hight monster standing front of you. It´s roaring and it´s preparing for an attack. Now you can use the Giant Shield to defend, but what about your offense? I can´t help but think that the girl, seen on the one artwork, will be able to transform herself into various tools. So what I´m imagining now is that girl transforming into special-weapons for fighting such giant monsters. Suddenly, she´d transform herself into a 5 meter broad crossbow. Link charges a giant arrow and shoots at the monster. Or she transforms into a 20 meter long sword that appears inmidst of the air and all Link has to do is swing it downwards. And right after using that weapon it disappears.

Now, I´d say: Keep this for later parts of the game and make it an option. If I decide to take on a giant monster without the help of giant tools, I want to be able to do so and simply run up to the enemy, climb onto it and hit it with my normal, small Master Sword. Still, it´d be pretty badass to take on such a giant monster face-to-face instead of always having to use tricks and strategy. Certainly not something that should dominate the game, though.