The High Grass Field

June 6, 2010

Of course, features like grass or hair are something that´ll probably become really usable with the next gen of video game systems. However, it´s still doable now. The High Grass Field.

Pretty good grass, but also a lot of plain, flat ground textures

I´m imagining a vast grassland area. Grass, as high as Link´s knee here, as high as his face at another spot. And while running or walking through that grassland, the single blades of grass bend to the side. There wouldn´t be only ordinary green grass, though, but also myriads of different colored flowers. And accompanying these flowers, there´d be butterflies and other animals. Basically, the High Grass Field would be a place of happiness, peace and beauty. Imagine walking inmidst of the grassland and looking up to a light blue sky and the sun shining. Birds flying around. If it was me, any ground that is supposed to be grassland would feature high grass, but, of course, that´d be very hardware-heavy, so just give me at least one specifically designated area where there´s beautiful grass growing everywhere, and not just flat ground textures.