One of the key goals for Zelda Wii should be creating a lively, naturally feeling world. That isn´t only done by adding animals, nicely animated trees and clouds. It´s also being done by adding stuff like the Hylian News.

Instead of maps, he could sell newspaper. But, actually forget that, have a normal person sell the newspaper

Or more simplified, a newspaper. Maybe not even really a newspaper, but some kind of item you get to read that features newspaper-style information. Think of stuff like the board in Animal Crossing, where other animals would post news. It´d be like that, but more fleshed out. You´d enter a town and there´d be a guy selling newspapers. On some days, there´d be only trivial stuff to read, like “Malo painted his shop in a new color!” But other days, you´d be able to read stuff like “Malo was eaten alive by a giant fish. The local police force is looking for help”, and you could go to the police and engage in a completely optional sidequest.

So, think of the Hylia News as a mixture of sidequest-engaging, fun stories and actual interesting information about life in Hyrule. It´d be a great way to more naturally hand sidequests to the player as well as given a more in-depth impression about the game world.