The floating block(s)

June 6, 2010

Admittedly, many of my ideas for Zelda Wii relate to one aspect that´s really most important to me: freedom. It´s no different with the floating block.

A floating block - though, proportions are off in that example, looking at the the tiny princess

This item is kind of inspired by Cloud Mario from Super Mario Galaxy 2. If you don´t know, let me explain: When you transform into Cloud Mario, you have three small clouds following you. You can now active a cloud inmidst of the air to create a whole new platform to stand on. That´s kind of what I want from the floating blocks here.

But this is Zelda, so the whole feature would feel more solid. Here, the floating block would be an item that you can throw around freely, using your own movement thanks to MotionPlus. Let´s assume the floating block would be a small block made of hard rock. So, you pick it, throw it up, and when you think it is in the right spot, you press a button and the block stops falling…and starts floating. Now, there´s two ways to interact with the floating block. You could either put it up in the air right in front of yourself to simply climb on it. You could, however, also throw it high in the sky and…use the hookshot to pull yourself upwards. That way you could basically reach higher areas inmidst of a field with nothing else in it. And just to make this one of the most awesome items ever, you could upgrade it to dual blocks later in the game, allowing for aerial free-climbing. Simply throw up one block, pull yourself upwards, then from your raised position throw up the other block, pull yourself upwards again. Now let go of the first block and throw that one up again, and so on. There would be no more vertical limits. Exploration in perfection. And all that thanks to simple blocks.



June 4, 2010

Rings or not, that´s actually not that important. What is important is that I think there should be more ways to equip Link. I already had one update where I wrote about instead of finding heart pieces, you´d find new armor-parts. That´s something completely else, though.

Invisibility? Maybe

Rings would be specialized items with certain unique characteristics. These rings would enable you with mostly passive skills. Look at the update below, the Dark Caves. Using the lantern would empty its oil rather quickly. Instead, you could have a ring that emits a weak, glowing, white light from Link´s finger. Not enough to lighten a room, but to grant him a few meters of sight. Now, don´t think this would turn Zelda into a WRPG-heavy game. Think of the rings more like the masks from Majora´s Mask. There wouldn´t be any “+2 power” or “+5 speed” rings. Every ring would feature a unique, passive ability.

And because Link has more than one finger, let´s say he could equip two rings at the same time, one on each hand. Not only does that allow for even more individualizing, it could also result in certain positive, or negative, combination skills.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

June 3, 2010

In every Zelda-game, Link eventually grows into a mighty knight, being able to make use of a ton of specialized items. Yet, take away these items and he´s defenseless. There, introduce hand-to-hand combat, Nintendo.


Of course, I´m not talking about in-depth fighting mechanics as if it was a beat’em up. But Link should be able to do so-me-th-ing, even without any items. Just as minimum means of defense against enemies. And if that´s really not enough, then simply introduce an item called “Power Gloves”, gloves that make Link´s punches powerful enough to turn his hand-to-hand combat into something useful.

The Claymore

May 30, 2010

I ´ve never been a fan of the idea of letting Link have several different kinds of swords. It would cheapen the Master Sword as you´d simply look for the most damaging sword. But what I liked was the Biggoron-sword from Ocarina of Time.

My real reason for wanting a Claymore like the Biggoron-sword (or even bigger) is because of how great and satisfying it most likely would feel to swing such a huge weapon with MotionPlus. And swinging it fast. I always wanted a game about the great BERSERK-manga series, so imagine swinging such a sword, and just as fast as character Guts does.

One of the key goals for Zelda Wii should be creating a lively, naturally feeling world. That isn´t only done by adding animals, nicely animated trees and clouds. It´s also being done by adding stuff like the Hylian News.

Instead of maps, he could sell newspaper. But, actually forget that, have a normal person sell the newspaper

Or more simplified, a newspaper. Maybe not even really a newspaper, but some kind of item you get to read that features newspaper-style information. Think of stuff like the board in Animal Crossing, where other animals would post news. It´d be like that, but more fleshed out. You´d enter a town and there´d be a guy selling newspapers. On some days, there´d be only trivial stuff to read, like “Malo painted his shop in a new color!” But other days, you´d be able to read stuff like “Malo was eaten alive by a giant fish. The local police force is looking for help”, and you could go to the police and engage in a completely optional sidequest.

So, think of the Hylia News as a mixture of sidequest-engaging, fun stories and actual interesting information about life in Hyrule. It´d be a great way to more naturally hand sidequests to the player as well as given a more in-depth impression about the game world.

The Air Cutter

May 25, 2010

Time for a rather cool item. Or should I say upgrade. The Air Cutter is an upgrade for your sword. What it can do? Well…

The Air Cutter would basically be the modern version of Link being able to shoot “laser beams” from his sword when at full health. Only that it isn´t “laser beams”, nor is it limited to full health. To use the Air Cutter, you simply somehow activate it by pressing some button, and now with every sword slash you do, a visible, cutting air wave is sent out. The way you have to imagine that shouldn´t be too hard, as it´s quite the common imagery, used in a lot of anime. One more prominent, popular example would be Ichigo´s Getsuga Tenshou from Bleach.

The fun thing about the Air Cutter would be both its functional use for doing long range-fighting with a sword and its visual presentation. And depending on how you swing the sword with your MotionPlus-enabled wiimote, the air wave would fly in a different way.

I mentioned before that I really hope for giant monsters in Zelda Wii. Monsters that are really tough, that you can climb onto and so on. What I´d also like to see, though, is a little bit of badass-ery.

Fighting like a giant - but without becoming one

Imagine some kind of 50 meter hight monster standing front of you. It´s roaring and it´s preparing for an attack. Now you can use the Giant Shield to defend, but what about your offense? I can´t help but think that the girl, seen on the one artwork, will be able to transform herself into various tools. So what I´m imagining now is that girl transforming into special-weapons for fighting such giant monsters. Suddenly, she´d transform herself into a 5 meter broad crossbow. Link charges a giant arrow and shoots at the monster. Or she transforms into a 20 meter long sword that appears inmidst of the air and all Link has to do is swing it downwards. And right after using that weapon it disappears.

Now, I´d say: Keep this for later parts of the game and make it an option. If I decide to take on a giant monster without the help of giant tools, I want to be able to do so and simply run up to the enemy, climb onto it and hit it with my normal, small Master Sword. Still, it´d be pretty badass to take on such a giant monster face-to-face instead of always having to use tricks and strategy. Certainly not something that should dominate the game, though.


May 16, 2010

Bombs in Zelda-games have always been big and clunky…and slow. Put a bomb out of your bag, grab and hold it up, start running and throw the thing. I´d like to see some kind of more mobile bombs for quicker usage.

Quite a big bomb - Make it smaller!

The typical Zelda-bombs should change into a tool for destroying big, massive obstacles. Destroying walls and such. Maybe also against reeeeally big monsters. But there should be instant-bombs, really small bombs that Link can throw just with a flick of his wrist for instantaneous use inmidst battle. And there could be different kinds. Obvious, exploding bombs to do damage, but also smoke bombs for distraction or paralyze-bombs that stop the enemy´s movement. There could be many more kinds of bombs, but you get the idea.

The Glider

May 14, 2010

Yeah, I just have to bring this on-topic. I absolutely want maximum freedom in this Zelda-game, and maximum freedom cannot be achieved without the ability to fly.

A fleshed-out version of Assassins Creed 2´s glider would be great

However, there are many ways to obtain that goal. I already mentioned dragons on this blog. I mentioned magic. But even if these were options in Zelda Wii, they should be available in the later part of the game only. One device that would naturally limit the player in a reasonable way, yet still give a fantastic feel of freedom, would be a glider. I´m talking a simple hang glider. You wouldn´t be able to fly up from the ground. Instead, you´d have to search high level-places, then jump down, and then it´s all up to your skills for how long and far you can stay in midair.

I especially like the idea of holding the wiimote sideways while using the glider…just like you hold onto a real glider. Depending on how deep Nintendo might choose for this item to be, there could be upgrades like an “air-vision”, showing you the areas in midair where hot streams of air push you farther upwards, allowing for longer trips.

Soul-Remote Control

May 10, 2010

Previous Zelda-games covered lots of different mechanics where you got to control another character: A link to the Past let you control bunny-Link, Majora´s Mask featured a phletora of different characters, and The Wind Waker let you control two story-related npcs as well as birds. Seeing how controlling other characters has become such a big part of the franchise, I´d like to step it one, final step further.

Soul-Remote Control would be an item that would let you overtake ANY character in the game, ANY living being. Point at some character on-screen, and, after a nice overtake-cutscene similar to those in Majora´s Mask, you in full control of that character. This would introduce an almost unlimited realm of possibilities. Overtake a small child to sneak into a certain house, overtake a Hylian soldier to gain intel on the royal plans, or overtake a rich guy to buy stuff you wouldn´t normally be able to buy.

That could be even more expanded upon by removing any limitation of controlling another npc. Imagine being in town, overtaking another character, and deciding to go out into the world using that character. Link wouldn´t be one pre-defined hero anymore, you could choose to play as anyone. Or, if walking out of town with an actual npc, the game could simply grant you a “soul copy”, where you can transform into any character you meet.

Expand THAT upon not only civilians but enemies, and then further to animals, and  Zelda Wii would offer stuff for experimentation for hours and hours.