The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess introduced special moves to the Zelda-series. Do the correct button-combination and Link will perform an otherwise unavailable move. I don´t want that.

To me, the Zelda-series always had the best combat-system of all video games. No fancy special moves, nothing over the top. Just you, your sword and your shield. Slash horizontally, vertically, stab, and a desperate spin attack. Adding the jump-attack, and you have the wonderful combat of the Zelda-series. Now, with MotionPlus added, any kind of special moves would be even worse – on one hand, you can control the sword 1:1, move it like you want, on the other hand, there´s preset special moves that work like short cutscenes, moves, that you cannot actively control. Link was always an ordinary boy, never a war-hero. Reflect that with an appropriate combat style.