Legend of Zelda Wii

June 9, 2010

So that´s it, fellow Zelda-fans.

For the course of almost four months, I updated this blog on a daily basis with new ideas/expectations/wishes for the new Zelda Wii. It is now only six days until we´ll finally find out about the real thing.

It was great fun to bring to paper all these ideas and I´m excited to find out how many of my blog entries are going to be true. Probably almost none, but that wouldn´t necessarily disappoint me. There´s so many options you have when developing a Zelda-game, so even if Nintendo decided to do something completely different, it could be a great game, too. That´s not to say that I´m really looking forward to compare reality with the fiction of this blog.

I hope you also had some fun in reading about what one Zelda-fan had in mind. But now let´s wait for the only thing that really matters: The Legend of Zelda Wii.

Thanks for reading,

sincerely yours,



Zelda Wii – E³ 2010

April 24, 2010

Here is a little present to all Zelda- and video game-fans out there. Thanks to my own obsession regarding the Zelda-series, I can hereby show you a video, made for the purpose of getting into the mood for the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010, that´s going to take place from June 15th to 17th. Without any further explanations, here´s the link. Have fun!

Zelda Wii E³ 2010 – Video

A permanent pet

March 18, 2010

It´s likely that the sword-girl from the one artwork will be together with Link on his journey, supposing that she indeed either transforms into a sword or at least grants Link certain powers akin to those of the Master Sword. However, I´d like Nintendo explore the theme of friendship a bit deeper this time.

Games like ICO started to awaken feelings for NPCs. Starfox Adventures had a little Triceratops following you, Fable 2 featured a dog. And long before all these, Secret of Evermore also had you traveling alongside your dog. And don´t we want to forget Epona from the 3D-Zelda-games. However, none of these games really succeeded in creating a real partner. It´s either someone you feel for, but helpless, or someone that´s useful, but lacks personality. This is where Zelda Wii could set a new standard.

When I´m talking about a permanent pet, I´m thinking of whatever small animal that walks around with Link. You can interact with it and it will help you with your surroundings. But you have full control as in calling it back, so enemies don´t spot you or for other reasons.  Think of it like Navi that you could call back by pressing the A-button in Ocarina of Time. It´d be preferably an animal that Link can somehow carry on his back so it doesn´t magically disappear and reappear whenever needed or not needed.

Depending on how much effort is spent on developing the pet, you could train it so it becomes more useful. Teaching it offensive maneuvers or exploration-skills. Or just something that´s fun. In the end, it´d develop a feeling of companionship and work against the feeling of isolation that many Zelda-games suffer from. And there´s also space for comic relief relating to your pet doing silly things at times. I wouldn´t want it to become an integral part forced on the player, though. Therefore, it could be part of one of the non-linear elements, so you either can have a pet or not. If you take one and train it well, it´ll make combat and puzzles easier. But you can totally ignore it and still solve the same puzzles, only without any help and maybe later in the game (i.e. the pet is capable of flying). But you also miss out on a strong theme. Optionality is, generally, something the Zelda-series needs more of, and such a pet-feature would be a great start. And, to hell, I want a little flying baby-dragon that I can call Volvagia.

Smart enemies

March 14, 2010

Link is a soft-looking young boy, yet you always have to make your way through enemies by brute force. The only variation in terms of enemy-design is how hard they are to hit and how much hits they can take. To make the game more fun, let´s make enemy A.I. smarter.

Once you come into range, an enemy will attack you until you or he is dead. Most likely he, seeing how weak your typical non-boss foe is. But there´s several ways to improve combat. First, get rid of any automatic detection, allowing for sneak attacks. Secondly, if you fight a bunch of weak enemies, make them flee if you´re too powerful. Either let them flee, fullstop, or call for help, bringing a bigger foe to the fight (but don´t make it so that a bigger enemy appears out of nothing, that´d be annoying and predictable). And last but not least, have stronger enemies be really strong. So strong that you have to flee from the fight. Like, one iron knuckle is doable, but once a second one appears you better get out of there.

In general, have enemies act more realistic. Twilight Princess was very bad on that matter, having enemies placed randomly over the field, just so that the field doesn´t look that empty…WHY are these enemies there?! That has to change. Give every enemy a meaning, even if it´s just something really unimportant. As it is, fighting in Zelda-games isn´t any fun anymore because of the weakness of every foe. And more hitpoints would change nothing, only make it more tedious. Make them smarter.

The Climbing Claw

March 12, 2010

This is connected to having a completely seamless world, where you can go just about everywhere. To make this possible, Link needs items that let him climb “everywhere”. There are a lot of different methods for climbing places, but this one is the most direct one: Using the Climbing Claw.

That´s a Shuko, a ninja climbing claw

That claw is like one of those ninja-equipments. Not quite the same, but the cel-shaded Prince of Persia game for PC and HD-systems used one, kind of, though you couldn´t use it to climb upwards. Basically, the Climbing Claw lets you slash its sharps claws into every material, thus making it climbable. See a rock wall? Just equip the Climbing Claw and go on. To make the world open up bit by bit, there could be different Climbing Claws, starting with at smoother material, then going to harder material, so you can use it with harder environments. For example, the very first Climbing Claw only lets you climb trees and wooden houses. Next you get a Climbing Claw that lets you climb up stone houses and rock walls. And finally, you get the perfect Climbing Claw, which lets you climb everything in the world, whatever that could be.

Naturally, you could also use the Climbing Claw for combat. And unlike other exploration items, like the hookshot, it would actually be very effective. Just one look at such a Claw makes you understand that. Of couse, it wouldn´t be effect against armored enemies, so there´s still a reason why you have a sword to fight. In the end, the Climbing Claw would be an item to open up exploration to a new level. No place you cannot visit.