Some kind of rival

April 28, 2010

I´m not exactly sure about what I want here. I have some character in mind that tries to do the same thing that Link does, but wants to do it by himself.

Think of it like Mario-Luigi, Naruto-Sasuke, or Son-Goku-Vegeta, Sora-Riku. Some character that fights for the good, but is too proud of himself to take the help of his rival “Link”. What such a rival would be great for is building up a person that the player can feel for, and not in terms of love, but …. a person, fullstop. Of course, all awesome things could result from this rivalry. Tragic happenings, great coop-fights or just intersting/funny encounters over the course of the whole game. Past Zelda-games were lacking characters you felt for. This would be a start to get back to former glory in that department.