The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess introduced special moves to the Zelda-series. Do the correct button-combination and Link will perform an otherwise unavailable move. I don´t want that.

To me, the Zelda-series always had the best combat-system of all video games. No fancy special moves, nothing over the top. Just you, your sword and your shield. Slash horizontally, vertically, stab, and a desperate spin attack. Adding the jump-attack, and you have the wonderful combat of the Zelda-series. Now, with MotionPlus added, any kind of special moves would be even worse – on one hand, you can control the sword 1:1, move it like you want, on the other hand, there´s preset special moves that work like short cutscenes, moves, that you cannot actively control. Link was always an ordinary boy, never a war-hero. Reflect that with an appropriate combat style.


The Windmill

March 25, 2010

In a lot of fantasy-stories, be it a game (The Wind Waker, Ico) or anime, windmills are highly mysterious places. Why is that so? Maybe, because a windmill is a very uniquely looking building, one that moves, both on the in-and outside. They´re also often very big, impressing buildings, high as if they´re stabbing the sky. And lastly, they´re often the main attraction, either by being the biggest building in a town, very centrally located, or by standing in the middle of nowhere.

The Zelda-series had its windmills before. In Ocarina of Time, it could be found at Kakariko, featuring more than just one mission. In The Wind Waker it was the central attraction of Windfall Island, mixed into a light tower. I´m not sure about Majora´s Mask and Twilight Princess. But Zelda Wii should have a windmill. And a great, giant one, inviting for some exploration and sidequests. And it wouldn´t hurt if the windmill was built so that you can climb up all the way to the top by using your skills and items, similar to how you climbed up the tower at the end of The Wind Waker.