A Journey

June 9, 2010

When all has been said, there´s just one thing that I really hope for: Zelda Wii being an epic, long, beautiful journey.

A journey with lots of stops and reasons for revisiting. That means that the game should not end at, say, 30 hours and that´s it then. Zelda Wii should really feel like you´re stepping farther inside an unknown, mysterious fantasy-world, having you explore its secrets. You grow to learn about all the places you visit, what´s special about them. And even after you´ve defeated whatever final boss, there should remain challenge. Not challenge as in some mini-games that you can play, but stuff to explore and meaningful stuff to do. That can be optional dungeon, optional stories or simply ongoing mission-requests to kill certain dangerous monsters.

I want Zelda Wii to be the true adventure.


When I reached the Zora-place in Twilight Princess, it wasn´t anything but a joke. There was a lake, a throne room, and that´s it. That´s the living place of the high race of the Zora?

Zelda managed to do this better in the past, see Ocarina of Time or Majora´s Mask. The Wind Waker wasn´t bad, either. But Twilight Princess just put some races into a certain place and called it a day. So, just have there be convincing environment for all species.