April 27, 2010

Of course, the concept of laying out traps on the ground needs more natural enemy behavior in general, but hey, that´s exactly what the Zelda-series needs.

Trap it!

Fighting enemies fair and square is awesome and honest. But sometimes it results in very silly, “gamey” design-choices, where an enemy, even though he could kill you just by stepping on you, won´t do so because of how the game is designed. Take a hint from Monster Hunter 3, Zelda Wii. A trap would be wasted on a small fodder-enemy, but on bigger knights as well as giant dragon-type enemies, it´d work wonders. And give the gameplay a whole different, deeper layer of actions. Though, do not forget: This has to stay optional. The moment you´re forced to use a trap on an enemy to defeat him, it stops being a feature, and starts being a gimmick.