June 7, 2010

No, there doesn´t have to be voice-acting, let´s get that out of the way. But…if done right, it also wouldn´t be bad.

Her glibberish was almost on par with real voice-acting

Link has to stay silent. I cannot imagine it any other way. A talking Link would most likely break any immersion that I´d have otherwise with the game. Link is the ingame-avatar of yourself, so there really shouldn´t be voice-acting for him. It´s different with all the other people. I think it´d be an enormous plus for the overall atmosphere if npcs were talking. Soldiers talking about their dull duty, a market place full of chattering, busy people, and so on. As for the language…if done really right, English could work. But there are two other options before that. First would be some glibberish-language, similar to what was used in Twilight Princess already. Just have it sound more elaborate and there you have it. There even was a scene in TP, where Shad said something in an attempt to open the door to the Ooccoo-cannon, and it really sounded like proper voice-acting. The other option would be to use…Latin language. Yeah, that sounds extremely weird, but I can´t think of a better language befitting a classic franchise like the Zelda-series. And it´d be cool to hear spoken Latin, haha.

Anyways, I think it´s wrong to hate on the idea of voice-acting for Zelda that much. It can be done right. But, of course, a lot can go wrong, too.