Ohoho, do not be afraid, fellow Zelda-fans! I am NOT talking about any kind of coop-mode for a Zelda-game, no multiplayer-function regarding the singleplayer-experience (even if that was somehow already done in TWW via GBA-connectivity).

When I played Wii Sports Resort, I was blasted away by how awesome the sword-duels were. The 1:1 controls felt great, the mood, even though it was just a minigame-collection, was great. What I´m imagining is a simple bonus-mode that you can enter through the main menu. Menu would be like “New Game – Continue – VS.-Mode – Options”. There have been multiplayer-modes in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, so again, it´s not that unfamiliar to the franchise. Without any further importance, you´d start the VS.-mode, and the 2-player-battle starts. Maybe it could be a bit fleshed out by letting you play as your Zelda-fied Miis. Or, if Zelda Wii somehow features a bit of a customization for Link, players could transfer their Links to the wiimote-memory and play as there individual Links. On a pure gameplay-basis, this would be a simple texture-swap of the WSR-duel mode. But fighting with (comparatively) realistic looking characters, all taking place in a cool, medieval setting, would be leagues better than the simple, clean look of WSR.